best Eye Makeup Ideas

With all the laid-back stickiness of summer, it’s understandable that you don’t want to mess with it. But now that autumn is just around the corner, we have the opportunity to be a little more creative with our hair, make-up and even skincare products. 

I can confidently say that the following autumn make-up ideas definitely don’t do the least for you. The LA-based celebrity make-up artist is obsessed with everything from autumnal colors to fall-friendly toiletries. Here are some of her favorite fall make-up ideas, such as this matte purple lip with a matte black base and a dark brown base. 

There’s no better time to get inspired for your bridal beauty than when designers come up with tons of new wedding make-up ideas. 

I’m going to give you the deet to each one of them here and pick out some that you can try out on your big day and put your own spin on. Use these trendy wedding makeup ideas to reach a catwalk – ready for your biggest day. For each of these wedding make-up – up idea looks, get inspired bride makeup looks real – life brides have worn. 

best Eye Makeup Ideas
Best Eye Makeup Ideas Colors

Nailing the perfect bridal makeup isn’t easy, and while some brides might be suitable for a more natural wedding makeup, glam wedding makeup might work for one bride, but not for another. So I’ve rounded up some of my favorite wedding bride makeup ideas for those who need some bridal beauty inspiration for their wedding day as well Some wedding makeup idea looks that are bound to suit any type of bride.

The world of eye make-up has blossomed enormously, and eyes are a place where women can really get creative and express themselves. Alternatively, you can just take a look at the make-up style and transform your eyes into something stunning with little effort. While the discovery of new eye make-up ideas is one of the greatest joys for make-up lovers, starting with just a few ideas can be a helpful inspiration. 

Here are eight fresh ways to update your eye makeup looks for this season, and here are some of them. Bright eye make-up is an ultra-fun way to add an unexpected pop to your homecoming look. 

best Eye Makeup Ideas
Best Eye Makeup Ideas for Beginners

LBD: Put your LBD on and match the hues and blocks of the dress with the complementary shades (see here for how to achieve this look). 

Start with the perfect red lipstick for your skin tone, but keep the rest of your makeup subtle and natural. If you opt for an uber-glam homecoming make-up look, here’s how to perfect your pout. Try to cover your eyelids with a heavily pigmented eyeshadow and keep your hair in a ponytail. If you prefer an overall romantic look, combine your plum lipstick with shimmering nude eye shadow and a tousled hairstyle. 

To give the model a fashionable Twiggy-inspired look, Laure Sagazan used winged liner on her lower lashes to accentuate her eyes. You can also see mother-of-pearl make-up in the form of silver highlighters to accentuate the brows and cheekbones. 

Smokey eyes are one of the most popular make-up ideas in the fashion world today, and if you want to keep it sleek and simple but add a fashionable element, you will love this idea because it automatically makes your eyes appear bigger and more alert, which seems like a big plus for those who are awake. 

Smokey Eyes can be worn in summer or winter, but you can also wear them at any time, whether in summer, winter or even in winter. Neutral, beige or shimmering eyeshadows match every eye shape and eye color. 

This make-up look for Disney Princess Jasmine can be almost anything, because the look revolves around the accessories. If your girl is looking for something new and interesting, you can try this type of make-up for the first time. 

Eye Makeup Ideas
Best Eye Makeup Ideas

I like the make-up look in the photo above because it uses neutrals that you might already have at home, or you might not have one that you could use. I think the blue shade gives the jasmine look a more costumed feel that suits Halloween. I also thought about using a turquoise eyeshadow, but I also thought I could have used a darker shade of blue or even a lighter shade like pink. So if you’re willing to go to the drugstore to look for something and try a few colors that don’t scream “Princess Jasmina,” I don’t know what else to do. 

This simple homecoming makeup adds subtle definition to the eyes, and similar to the red lip, The cat’s eye and defined eyebrows never fail. I opted for a metallic shimmery shadow, but with a bit of shimmer and a few different shades of eyeshadow you can’t fail. 

Bring the glamour with this graphic liner look, just follow the instructions here and keep it subtle and natural. With Gilded Desires, a glittery liner with a bit of shimmer and a few different shades of eyeshadow, bring glamour and sparkling eyes to life.